Why choose us

With multiple traders around the globe, take advantage of 24 hour trading to maximize profits with an exclusive algorithm developed purely for forex trading.

Easy to use

Our backend system saves you valuable time. Communication is our tool. We love to communicate with our clients. The system will regularly send you updates on your Forex trading. Your backend will give you the tools you need to manage your profits. It is a simple and user friendly system.

Quality Trades

The AI will only open a trade if it is a winnable one (through analysis) . The AI will sometimes not trade for a day, so don't get alarmed. It is not going to risk your capital unless it is 85-90% certain that the trade will be a winnable one. The AI will secure your capital by applying money management algorithms as well as adjustable lot sizes. The trading that the AI does is LOW RISK for the forex market.

Winning Stratgey

No system on the Forex Market is 100% Winning trades. There is always risk, However we are confident in our Artificial Intelligence system. We have live results 24/7 on the results section of the website. Audited by MYFXBOOK. The AI is mature and stable, so you are protected from losses caused by technical issues. We do have a high ratio of winning trades, and a low drawdown. We are a winning strategy,


Automated Simplicity

FWT is forever innovating the way passive income through the Forex Market can be made. We love innovation and technology. Our technology has been around for 4 years, and we plan to be around for many more, this is our promise to you. When you register and login, most of our features are all automated. We will require a few things from you before you can start earning safe profits, but the backend will guide you through each process. Our artificial intelligence system works on your trading ID and Password.


Capital Protection

We understand the Forex market is a dangerous place to trade in. Our software is sophisticated enough, that if the market is too dangerous, the AI will not open a trade. "Rather be safe than sorry". If the AI does not open a trade today, thats ok. It means it is protecting your capital. Your capital is also protected with our Artificial intelligence. Lots sizes are adjusted per trade according to your capital amount, protecting your margin at all times.


Winning Safely

Once the profit has been made for that day, Your backend will then automatically be updated to show you how much profit has been made for that day, you also have the option to download MetaTrader4 from the app store on your phone, and watch the trades in realtime. You as the customer will also get an automated email from the AI when profits have been made, so you are in the loop.


This is dependent on their risk and reward ratio


Forex Wealth Technologies

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