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Profit made from the AI is between 1% - 20% per month. Monthly Connection fee of 25 GBP is payable when you activate your subscription. Automatic deduction from your Visa/Master credit card is done monthly on the same day you subscribed. Eg: if you subscribed on the 15th Sept, on the 15th of Oct the 25 GBP will automatically be deducted from your credit card. A monthly 20% Profit share is also deducted on the last day of the month for the profits made in the month. Please add your credit card on your client portal after registration, in order for us to place the AI technology on your trading account. The Fee and Profit share is deducted via Stripe. ie: Your investment 1000GBP + 20% (Growth) = 200GBP - 20%(Profit Share) - 25UGBP (Connection fee) = 135GBP TOTAL growth: 135.00GBP

Minimum Deposit

USD 500.00