Refund Policy


Subscriptions are taken on the day that you subscribe to the services, and every month on that day it will be taken. EG: you subscribe on the 17th, and the subscription is deducted,  then next month on the 17th it will be also deducted until you or we cancel your subscription.

As soon as you subscribe, our system creates a VPS server with your trading account details. this server is paid for by your subscriptions and the money is sent to the broker for the services /use of the VPS server. Subscriptions cannot be refunded as the money goes directly to the broker for the utilization of the VPS server.

Should you perhaps subscribe twice or more for the same account profile, then an automatic refund will take place, if it has not please email providing evidence of duplicate subscriptions and a member of the team will do a manual refund should the evidence match with what we have on our side.