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Crypto Investment

Why choose us

Guaranteed Results

We at Forex Wealth Technology, give you up to 30% profit monthly, all year round on your crypto investment. This would be take home profit, after our fee has been deducted.

Capital Guaranteed

At Forex Wealth Technologies we guarantee your capital, with a few terms and conditions, which need to be signed before your investment can commence. You would need to give us a week's notice for your withdrawal, as your investment would be invested in projects.

Winning Stratgey

We invest your money in ALT COINS (Alternative Coins) and not in BTC (Bitcoin), this is why we would need a weeks notice on withdrawal of capital so that we can unwind those investments.

How it works

Register at Binance

You would need to register at Binance. Please click the logo in this block to register. You would need to verify your account.


With your account now verified you would need to deposit into Binance. You can do this via Crypto payment or via Credit/Debit card. You would purchase USDT with your USD. Your minimum investment would be 4000USD.


Once you have funded your account, you would need to send your documentation to us. Please find the document download above on this paperwork icon above, the document needs to be filled in and signed. Once signed please email it to the email address on the form.

Fund your investment

You would send the USDT to the address on the document. Once received you will get an email and your investment starts right away or within 24 hours.


Profit is then sent to your wallet in the document that you filled in. You can withdraw this from your Binance account, and it will go into your normal bank account anywhere in the world. Profit is up 30% per month.

Our Fee

We take our fee from the top, and you are sent your 30% profit. As there are BULL and BEAR months in Crypto, we still guarentee your 30% profit each month.